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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

They are more than words for me. They are foundational principles that drive my  thinking, action, and integrity. They are the guiding characteristics of my innovation and resiliency. They are the world changing, privilege crushing evolution that leads to intentional celebration and belonging of all people. 


As a queer, trans, neuro-diverse indigenous person of color, I have experienced many of the systemic barriers that our community may face. Given the history of the United States and its foundational principles, the system was never intended to allow many of us, the opportunity to thrive.


Systemic barriers are policies, practices, and procedures that allow some people more opportunity/access while excluding a group of people. Systemic barriers are the cause of many of the inequities that we fight so hard against in order to raise up underrepresented communities. Some of the systemic barriers that the community that I serve may face include racism, poverty, disparities in health, education, family dynamics, the criminal justice system, and lack of access to resources on the basis of language, disability, and other class protected status’.


It is crucial to recognize and acknowledge those systems so that we are informed about the lived realities of our community, positively impacting our ability to effectively serve diverse client communities.

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