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to make change.
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This is me

I am a nonprofit professional and consultant who partners with C-suite executives, board members, government officials, volunteers, donors and community allies to fight social injustices, human-for-human. After spending nearly a decade working in all levels of the nonprofit sector, I bring the necessary skillset that is necessary to truly drive change.


The goal - to forge the critical connection with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help. The motivation - to celebrate and embrace the unique qualities that each of us brings to the table, and fight against white, cis/het, normative culture. I hope to bring my passion, personality, and skill set to fight alongside those who need it most.

DEI Ambassador  Policy Advocate 

Organizational Leadership

 Communications & Marketing   Grant Writer

Project Manager    Curriculum Developer 

Relationship Cultivator


I inspire organizations and empower staff to project their mission forward - reaching out further to those who

need it most

I grew up in Hawaii, a place known as paradise - but it wasn't always paradise for me. I grew up in poverty, unsupported, and alienated for who I was and the choices I made. Now, as a trans, neuro-diverse, indigenous, person of color, my adulthood has been spent fighting for those that find themselves in similar situations. Throughout my adulthood, I have found passion for providing greater access to resources, increasing equity for historically oppressed communities, and increasing the visibility of one's humanity. 

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